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Nov. 13, 2022

Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions

When the video and audio footage from George Floyd's murder was made public people became infuriated. People marched all across the world. People set the city of Minnesota on fire. The conversation was held for more than a year on different news outlets. 

When the three Boeing aircrafts plunged into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon by Islamic extremists, the United States of America banded together in solidarity. There was almost a unification of the country. We all felt the pain for the families who were impacted by the tragedies that took place that morning. We grew angry and cried together. We heightened security in airports, schools, and other public places. America became more guarded and protective of their own. Skeptical of anything that appeared out of the normal in subways, airports, and court houses all across the country, we were guarded.

Social psychologists have done extensive research on what tugs at the strings of television viewers' emotions and feelings.  One of the most interesting findings I have come across during my masters studies at Texas Southern University is that people tend to buy things when presented with puppies. In television commercials you may find a puppy or two. This is a strategy used to touch the emotions of viewers to influence the brain to buy.

It works!!!

I have presented to you three examples of how external environmental factors play a role in how we respond both internally and behaviorally.  Believe this... People have been encouraged to behave in a certain manner by implementation of fear or anger.  When an individual becomes scared or angry they act.  Give them what would appear to be the best solution to calm those feelings of anxiety and boom, you have earned power over their psych. 

When the video surfaced immediately after his death (Floyd 2020), People responded in many different ways, but for the most part something was done.  A conversation was held at dinner tables.  Arguments in the work place happened.  People rioted and destroyed property.  People became angry, shocked, and surprised.  It woke up the world and made us all more conscious of our reality.  Something happened very similar with the 9/11 attacks.  But then I gave you a different light in the example of tugging on the cords of people's heart to convince them to trust and buy with the use of puppies.  A sales strategy used for the past several years to increase sales and profits for major corporations Target Mascot.  

"Okay okay okay, Swag! What's your point?" 

My content on this platform is one of the most unconventional and opinionated and controversial topics that will frustrate and offend many who listen.  Those listeners can do several things with the information and ranting done on any given episode from my station.  Here are some choices that will be made after listening to Therapy Swag Radio

  1. Cancel me
  2. Formulate your own views and opinions about the content discussed
  3. Change how you navigate the world based off of the information/opinion provided on the show 

When listening to this short cast you may be offended, you may disagree with the thoughts and ideas presented, and or you may agree while maintaining a different perspective. But the delivery and content in which is purposed in each episode will challenge many of you on the traditions and routines you have become accustomed to for the past umpteen years of life lived in this world. I choose to use the language of my comfort to deliver my message in a manner that is most fit for me not the listener.  I desire to tap into the emotions and feelings of my viewers/listeners in order to provoke action and impact.

As given to you in previous context about the power of pulling at the strings of peoples emotions, this is a clear strategy of doing just that in my episodes.  I don't want to speak to the choir, I want the masses to be challenged.  Your emotions will make move you quicker than any other factor in life.   

What will you do with this information is up to you.  I hope to hear from you and learn what your perspectives are on each topic. 

written by: Therapy Swag